GNT Series- MWT

Phlebotomy Tube Preparation System

GNT System automates the process of tube selection, labeling and delivering of tubes (along with extra labels) in to the phlebotomist according to the information in the HIS, LIS or EMR.

GNT has a Tube conveyor system in each workstation to transport the collected specimen to be collected in to a bin/basket at the end. Bin/basket module can be replaced with tube conveyor system to transport everything to the lab. As it provides a complete automation in the pre-analytical process, it prevents medical accidents, and vastly reduces patient wait times.


  • Model Name : GNT9
  • Tube Loading Capacity : 100 Tubes per Inlet
  • 8 Inlet : 800ea
  • 12 Inlet : 1200ea
  • 16 Inlet : 1600ea
  • Production Volume/Hourly :BA 2 columns : 1,895ea
  • Tube Discharge Speed:1.9 Sec
  • Tube Types:12~16mm / Length : 75~110mm

Product Dimension

  • BA (Barcode Applicator) : 741(W) x 1,210(H) x 380(D) mm
  • TTT (Test Tube Transfer) : 240(W) x 1,232(H) x 591(D) mm
  • MWT (Medic Work Table) 1,100(W) x 940(H) x 580(D) mm


  • Resolution : 203 dpi
  • Printing Method : Thermal Printing
  • Label Size: 50mm x 28~35mm

Power, Interface & Certification

  • Power : AC 100-240 V~, 50/60Hz,4A
  • Interface : USB, RS232
  • Certification: CE, KC